Monday, September 22, 2008

Zardari earthquake and bombing,same recipe again

History has repeated it self again.When presidential elections was taking place an earthquake rocked Pakistan.In evening ,a bombing also took place.

This has been repeated again.An earthquake rocked Islamabad in morning,President addressed the parliament in afternoon,and after Iftar bombing rocked the Marriott hotel Islamabad.

Some 60 innocents lost their lives,around 250 are injured.Marriott was turned into an oven.

According to reports,there were some 30 odd U.S marines present in the Hotel.They also have stored some unidentifiable steel boxes.Which might have contained some kind of explosives, It is also of note that 4th and 5th floors were worst effected.These mysterious boxes might also be responsible for the damage to the these floors.

The question is why these vulnerable targets were staying in there.They should have used U.S embassy.This could have saved the lives of those 60 innocents Pakistanis.Now two U.S armed personnel have also been confirmed dead.Pentagon confirms two U.S. soldier killed in ISB.

According to what Rehman Malik has to say,it seems that the explosive used were either Torpex or H6 because these two contains RDX, TNT and powdered aluminium.Most probably Torepex.

Farhatullah Babar was very proud that the bomber didn't hit his target, but when host question him "what about those who got killed" he tried to avoid this question doing byshy.

Rehman Malik says it wasn't a Security breach.What kind of security advisor are U.

Lesson learnt:

  • American troop shouldn't be allowed to stay in public places.They should be provide accommodation on their embassy premises.
  • While Pakistani media was reporting the causalities and humanitarian efforts,American newspapers were more interested in monetary losses.Calling it a attack on Western capitalism.This was the first report I met when , I google for the bomb attack, Bombing Is Marriott's Biggest Loss In 81 Years .
  • According the eyewitness,the bomber did warned the people present there and asked them to run away.There were two explosions one was of a hand grenade,and other the main explosion which caused all this havoc.There was a delay of about 3 min according to Rehman Malik ,but according to eyewitness

I heard first explosion when we were going to the to offer Mugraib prayer.When I returned and climbed to the roof of the building,I saw a truck which was burning and somebody said that why are you standing here.Just when we were talking a large explosion occured and I was knocked down.

  • So it seems there was much longer gap between the two explosions.Normaly it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to offer complete mugraib prayers.So there was at least 10 minutes of delay between the two explosion.

The guards were not trained to deal with with the fire.As it is evident from the video that they were just "playing around"

  • There was no fire extinguisher placed on the gate.When they should have been multiple types of fire extinguisher to prevent any kind of ranging from petrol fires to the electric fires.There was also no water hose present.
  • Last but not the least, fire fighters arrived almost 40 min after the attack.A deadly delay.They didn't had Turntable ladder, to rescue people, who were waving from the windows for help.

Here is the layman's response

This is not a complete story more will be added.I'm tried now will try to add more info tomorrow.

News just in:

The blast also happened due to the presence of explosives inside the building also.this is the report of the experts after visting the hotel from inside.




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