Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bucknor Blames India

He was quoted as saying
I have survived for a long time,Had it not been for strong-willed people within the ICC I might have been out due to negative reactions from certain quarters. When you speak to a captain and he's not happy you are reported.

"If his (national) association is strong enough they may believe that they should take action.

Because they are more equal, they seem to have more say. And what they say, especially influenced by money, they seem to have their way."
Those are really strong comments.Well this might not be noticed by the Indians but these comments are enough for their reputations.India has a fine working team,but using your financial might,to remove an umpire is same as BCCI acting as bookie.This is quite unfortunate. Not upto the spirit of the "The great game".




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