Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dr.Afia 's video. Afghan lotas can't even makeup a story as their American master's do.

The pictures which are being labelled as terrorist material is a copy of the photo published in Dawn of Pakistan's Indigenous UAV.If that is terrorist's material than I'm also a terrorist because I also posses same picture which I photo.

These pictures have been printed through a known printer.Which are most probaly being used by ISAF.

The style of these printing confirm that these have printed by a  professional not by ordinary Tech geek .

The papers is of high quality something Taliban ,don't have.It's fresh printing.

Had it been some serious material there should have been signs of folding on the paper due to rough use.

All of these documents are as false as FBI's official information.This all is made up.

Don't trust these lotas from Afghanistan,they will do anything for their American masters.

A message to afghan so called peace keepers.

Next time you make such allegation,back them up with some logical evidence these documents don't have to do anything with terrorism.Or else there are many S.H around to prove you wrong.

So shall we assume that the case against ISI had similar evidence ?




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