Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zardari Insane (mental)

Doubts cast on Zardari's state of mental health

According to court documents,Zardari has suffered from "mental illness" thus he cannot run for the Office of "President of Pakistan". If elected he can be easily impeached due to article of impeachments.This has caused debate in political circles in the country.

Following is the quote from his doctor

"Philip Saltiel, a New York City-based psychiatrist, said in a March 2007 diagnosis that Mr Zardari's imprisonment had left him suffering from "emotional instability" and memory and concentration problems. "I do not foresee any improvement in these issues for at least a year," Mr Saltiel wrote.

Here is another doctor saying.

Stephen Reich, a New York state-based psychologist, said "Mr Zardari was unable to remember the birthdays of his wife and children, was persistently apprehensive and had thought about suicide."

A person,who is thinking about suicide can run a country, what a joke is it.That is why he seems to forget about his agreements with Nawaz Sharif.

He may guide the country to an explosive situation.

Now even the Pakistan's U.S. ambassador has confirmed this in an E-mail to NEWSWEEK,
wrote that Zardari
"obviously was affected by the torture of imprisonment without conviction … A similar diagnosis is usually made for former POWs immediately after their release but that does not preclude their full recovery and subsequent running for high political office. Mr. Zardari has no current condition requiring psychiatric help or medication."




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