Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gordon Brown on Pardon begging Tour

Gordon Brown visited Islamabad recently on a Pardon begging tour after Queen's Envoy was unable to meet with Pakistani leadership.President and Pm refuse to meet British Envoy. On the other hand British High commission was insisting that no meeting request has rejected. This all started after Gordon Brown announced that his Inspector Lestrade have prevented a "major Terror Plot". 11 suspected terrorists were arrested, by his "Scotland Yard" , on suspicion of capturing photographs of themselves in Public places( taking pictures of yourself in public places, with your clothes on is crime in Britain nowadays!). These terrorist posed such a high risk to security of Britain, that no consular ""accesses" was provided to them, until investigation have been almost over. Now British Governments top priory is to get them deported, as they a still a risk to security of British people ( only Inspector Lestrade can explain).

On his one day visit he also met with PML(N)'s leader Nawaz Sharif, well to talk on bilateral issues ( Long march has it's side effects too -:) ).

In the same vein, also recently British security forces unloaded a few drunken terrorist , from a Emirates, Pakistan bound flight. Their only crime was, that one of them joking called another fellow a terrorist. I haven't seen until now a drunken member of Al-Qadea.

This raises a new question, either their should be a be signboard that says "taking Photographs of this place is a not permitted or ... "

P.s " For Lovers of high end cameras" if you want to use or view a high end cameras, just call the police and report that your neighbours have suspected links with terrorist. "Men in white" will arrive carrying a few high end camera. Ask them if they are willing to let you take a sample picture ( remember to use your own card, because their's contain "sensitive data") .


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