Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shoe thrown at Lal Krishna Advani (updated)

A shoe was thrown at L.k Advani by a (Bharatiya Janata Party) Bjp supporter. Fourth such incident. Second or third in India. The shoe was thrown by former Katni district President of BJP Pawas agarwal, who was aggreived on removal from Party's leadership. He also called Advani a "Fake Iron man" who was not suitable as Prime Minsitral canididate.Advani was “nakli Lauh Purush” (a fake iron man). “He has no ideology. On the one hand he asks for votes in the name of Ram and on the other hand pays obeisance to (Pakistan founder Mohammed Ali) Jinnah,” he said.On why he did not raise the issue at a party platform, Agarwal said: “None of the party leaders had the courage to communicate these feelings because they too were not allowed to speak.” Advani refused to comment on this.

BJP worker hurls show at L K Advani




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